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Crafts can complement anything. I work with lifestyle, crafts, and interiors brands to share their story through the eyes of an eclectic maker.


Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Let’s make something inspiring together! A sponsored DIY tutorial puts products and ideas into context. For more info, rates, and a media kit email me at anna@craftedpress.com


Editorial services | Work with me! craftingfingers.co.uk

I accept samples (materials, books, kits, decor, tools, etc) to use in future tutorials, giveaways, and other crafty content. Let me know what you want to share at anna@craftedpress.com

Other opportunities

DIY modern wall clock makeover craftingfingers.co.uk #RustOleum #upcycling

If you need a DIY contributor or have another crafty opportunity in mind, let’s talk about it. Email me or find me on Instagram or Twitter.

I’ve worked with:

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