My wonky crochet adventures, from Crafting Fingers

Ahh, there it is. My first granny square, ever, and my first proper crochet project!

Isn’t it adorably wonky?

Learning to crochet is something I never thought I would do, but look! There’s the proof that ‘cannot’ isn’t permanent, after all. A perfect start to my ‘learn a craft a month’ project.

It’s been years since I learned to knit, but learning crochet brings back memories of dropped stitches and scary looking patterns. I have to confess the first hour into crochet I was ready to scrap it! The yarn I had chosen to start with was a very beautiful sock yarn, but it was splitting all over the place and driving me crazy.

I switched to a thinner, tougher yarn just in time to save my sanity, and off I went. Whew!

It’s fascinating to make something with your hands when you barely understand what’s going on. I sat there and followed some step-by-step pictures in a book, and then I was holding the start to a granny square in my hands.

It was a very amateur, wobbly start, but I was proud. And still am, thank you very much! 

My very first crochet!

Crochet is growing on me. The simplicity of it is wonderful. I love how easy it is to go back and fix mistakes, too! There’s only one loop to keep track of, after all. No cumbersome backwards-knitting. (Eck.)

Ambitions for future projects:
– Heart garland for Valentine’s
– Market/summer tote
– Stool covers
– Nesting bowls!! (love these from My Poppet)
– Dish cloths

I think I’m addicted already! Help! ;)

All the best,
~ Anna xo

Yarn used: Sonoma Print by Lily

Yarn used: Sonoma Print by Lily – 100% cotton

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