How to tell if a crochet pattern uses UK or US terms

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How to know if a crochet pattern uses UK or US terms @craftingfingers

Patterns are more abundant and international than ever.

I love how generous the crochet community is in sharing their ideas. Ravelry alone has over 60,000 free crochet patterns. And without Youtube tutorials, I don’t think I would have ever been able to learn to crochet.

There is a catch though. Crochet patterns don’t all use the same regional terms. If you’re a crocheter you’re probably well aware that there are two sets of terms. To make things worse, both sets use the same words to mean different things.

Converting regional crochet terms
UK terms US terms
chain / ch chain / ch
double crochet / dc single crochet / sc
half treble / htr half double / hdc
treble / tr double / dc
double treble / dtr treble / tr
triple treble / ttr double treble / dtr

Don’t we just love making things tricky for ourselves?

These are methods I use to tell if a crochet pattern uses US or UK terms.