DIY Button Trinket Box

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DIY button shaped trinket box #clay #chalkpaint #tutorial

Crafts make a lot of clutter. The way you organise your tools can mean the difference between an enjoyable crafternoon, or a panicked hour of looking for your last remaining embroidery needle because you KNOW you saw it somewhere yesterday but now its gone and you have to leave ten minutes ago because your craft club meets in 15 minutes.

Cue pretty trinket boxes. It’s easy to stay organised when the storage itself calls out to your inner craft goddess. ..OK, maybe that was a bit much. Still, button trinket boxes are pretty AND practical.

Here’s how to make your own, whatever size you prefer:

Stationery I can’t do without

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Celebrate National Stationery Week #stationeryaddict

Happy World Stationery Day!

We’re halfway through National Stationery Week and to celebrate, I wanted to share the essential stationery bits & bobs I couldn’t do without on a daily basis. These are my babies. Honestly, they probably see more of me than my husband does.

(I’ll be honest. Writing this post was just as much about fondling my stationery stash as it was to share with you guys.)

Meet Emily from Miss Magpie Designs

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Miss Magpie Designs feature for National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week is, as it says on their website, all about celebrating the written word.

(And stationery. Don’t forget that part.)

The motto this week is to Get Britain Writing, whether you’re using a 50p pencil or a £30,000 Tibaldi Fountain Pen to match your Bentley. But pens are pretty useless without paper. Even when the pen is made from solid gold.

Emily Summers from Miss Magpie Designs says she’s passionate to get people letter-writing again. And if you’re taking the time to pen a letter, why not do it in style with a writing set? 

Celebrating Stationery Week

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Stationery addicts rejoice!

If you have a notebook pile as high as a mountain and so many pens and pencils you need a box, not a pencil case, today’s your day. It marks the start of National Stationery Week.

Writing by hand is so much more than just pen and paper. It’s about respecting what you have to say enough to take the time to write it down. Even if it’s just a to-do list. (If you can’t be bothered to write the list, who says you can be bothered to actually complete it?)

I have an extra special feature for you today, because not only is today the start of National Stationery Week, it’s also Earth Day. It’s easy to think paper and Earth Day don’t mix, but eco-friendly designers like Gabrielle Treanor help stationery addicts like me feel good about our notebook stash.