Because breaks are good

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Things have been quiet on Crafting Fingers for a few weeks, but never fear!

I’m still learning and crafting on!

But breaks are good. Sometimes, when you’re pushing to maintain a regular output (like blog posts a couple times a week or more), it’s easy to forget to take the time to think about why you’re doing something.

I took a creative writing class (by Melanie of Inward Facing Girl, who is simply fantastic) and it gave me the courage to take the time to just think.

(Chasing butterflies in my garden is just for the thinking time, honest.)

There are so many things to do and too many things to read. I still want to share my crafts and projects, but I want to do more than that. I want to encourage others to learn and try new crafts, too, and help spread word of the amazing designers and business owners who have been encouraging me. I want to blog with purpose.

I already love blogging about my crafts because it gives an extra purpose to my crafting. It forces me to think of the easiest process of making something. It forces me to take the time to really finish something properly, because if it isn’t done to a high standard, everyone on the web can see it. Forever. (Eek!)

Instead of Crafting Fingers being just about me all the time, I’m going to share more about other people, and what they make. I’m going to make it about all our crafting fingers.

(Have a blog or handmade biz you want to share? Get in touch!)

Now, back to my needle felting:



P.S. If you find yourself in London this weekend, come say hello @ Southbank Centre! I’m at the craft bloggers’ stall Saturday and Sunday. :)

Busy Busy Crafter Bee

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Working in the kitchen

It’s been almost two weeks since I left for Finland. (What??)

Family has been keeping me busy. And I’ve even had some time for sewing!

Being busy has come with some consequences. (Other than the crickets chirping here. Oops.) Like a writer without a notebook, a crafter without time will get the best ideas. No, seriously. I have come up with a gift idea for everyone on my Christmas list, that sort of good ideas. (No last minute Pinterest idea hoarding for me!)

But those ideas will have to wait.

It’s an unfortunate truth: the best ideas seem to come when there’s no time to act on them.

Here’s a peek of a sewing project I’ve been working on:

The Half-Way There Giveaway WINNER!

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What a giveaway!

If you didn’t already know, I’m learning a new craft every month this year. (I’m a bit crazy, I know.) Making it six months through seemed like a good enough reason to celebrate.

What better way to celebrate than by having a blog party and a giveaway? With over three dozen entrants, there were 330 possible winning numbers.

So who had the lucky number?

July’s Craft: Sewing

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July's craft of the month

This month takes me past the half-way point. It’s the race to the finish from now on!

To make things even more special, I’m heading over to Finland for three weeks to visit family. The best bit? I’ll be learning this month’s craft from my mother. I learned May’s craft from a mentor, but it’ll be entirely different to learn from Mom.

Its funny how when you’re small you take your parents’ skills for granted. Of course Mom can sew, and I’ll learn too … eventually. But enough with eventually, I’m going to learn now.

Sewing is something I’ve admired for so long that I think my biggest weakness this month will be wanting to make everything all at once! What do you mean I can barely sew a straight line? I want to make a fitted rockabilly dress pronto! Maybe I’ll start with finger puppets. That sounds safe.

The ‘Half-Way There’ GIVEAWAY

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It’s been a crazy, amazing six months so far and I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like to look back on 2013 on New Year’s.

The people I have met, the conversations I’ve had, and the crafts I’ve tried have done so much to enrich my life this year. I’ve been blown away by the support for this little project. Thank you.

But onto the good stuff!

There are some yummy little prizes here from craft materials to handmade goods, so let’s see what is up for grabs in the “half-way there” giveaway!


(scroll to the bottom of the post for a full list of prizes)

The Anatomy of a Letter (Printable)

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The Anatomy of a Letter, free typography printable on Crafting Fingers

It’s time to celebrate! Every month in 2013 I’m learning a new craft, and now I’m halfway through.

When I focused on calligraphy in March, what I learned was that beautiful letters have just as much to do with  typography design as they do with the physical strokes of calligraphy. 

The deliberate form of each component is what makes letters so eye-catching. The space between letters (kerning), the form of each shoulder, the height of each beak — everything is carefully designed and put in place. It’s a form of art that started long before we created machines to do our writing for us.

I’ve designed this free ‘Anatomy of a Letter’ print for you. It’s not an exhaustive source for all the terms, but it gives an idea of just how much thought is put into letter design.

(And who doesn’t like a pretty print!)