DIY Button Trinket Box

  • 4 min read

DIY button shaped trinket box #clay #chalkpaint #tutorial

Crafts make a lot of clutter. The way you organise your tools can mean the difference between an enjoyable crafternoon, or a panicked hour of looking for your last remaining embroidery needle because you KNOW you saw it somewhere yesterday but now its gone and you have to leave ten minutes ago because your craft club meets in 15 minutes.

Cue pretty trinket boxes. It’s easy to stay organised when the storage itself calls out to your inner craft goddess. ..OK, maybe that was a bit much. Still, button trinket boxes are pretty AND practical.

Here’s how to make your own, whatever size you prefer:

DIY Mushroom Storage Jar

  • 5 min read

DIY Clay Mushroom Jar |

This project was made in collaboration with Space Station

Let me be honest: we feed our cats a LOT of treats.

The problem is, bright orange bags of Dreamies don’t look very pretty. For a practical and attractive solution, I made this mushroom storage jar to keep the cat treats safe!

It was my first time painting clay with Annie Sloan, too. Step-by-step tutorial to make your own:

DIY Minimal Wall Clock

  • 4 min read

DIY modern wall clock makeover #RustOleum #upcycling

Disclosure: This post was made in collaboration with Rust Oleum

Here’s a project to celebrate longer days and brighter evenings as the clocks go forward.

Our house is still full of boxes and we’re living out of luggage bags until the wardrobe gets set up. I needed a break from unpacking! This quick makeover was just the thing.

I found an old, French-themed clock at a secondhand shop. It was pretty as-is, just not my style.

Here is the before:

DIY modern wall clock makeover #RustOleum #upcycling

DIY Houndstooth Patterned Cushion Cover

  • 6 min read

DIY houndstooth tutorial #stamping #fabric #sewing

Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with Keepmoat

I’m obsessed with houndstooth. As a pattern it’s smart and sophisticated. In a word, timeless.

I love the way it looks with a bit of handmade flair!

Learn to stamp the houndstooth pattern and use the printed fabric to sew a simple cushion cover. After the tut I’m sharing some of my tips for making DIY decor without losing your sanity. (It’s easy to go overboard!)